Tour Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for their gracious support and help in making the 2019 Experience Hendrix Tour a reality.

Title Sponsor:

  • Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is the world's leading guitar manufacturer, and its name has become synonymous with all things rock 'n' roll.

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  • Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.

    Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.

    Located in Benicia, California, Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. was founded as a small, family-owned and operated company in 1965, and has since grown to be a leading manufacturer of electronic effects, picks, capos, slides, strings and other musical instrument accessories. Dunlop is the home of such legendary products as the Crybaby wah and Tortex picks.

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  •  Axe Heaven

    Axe Heaven

    We Love Guitars. It’s Our Passion!

    We wondered, “How can we capture the feeling and affection that is heartfelt into something tangible and uniquely personal?” This search has led us to create AXE HEAVEN. Through this journey, we’ve discovered there are multitudes of people who feel just as passionate about guitars and collectible replicas as we do.

    We’ve also discovered that there are even more people who love music and identify with the guitar heroes they listen to. And while many of those fans don’t even play an instrument, they would love to have something tangible in their possession to represent their love affair with music and their favorite artists.

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  •  Hal Leonard Corporation

    Hal Leonard Corporation

    Hal Leonard Corporation is the world's largest educational music publisher, with the #1 methods for learning guitar (the Hal Leonard Guitar Method), piano (the Faber Piano Method), and school music instruments (Essential Elements for Band and Strings), plus publications for learning virtually every instrument imaginable.

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  •  Guitar Center Music Foundation

    Guitar Center Music Foundation

    The Guitar Center Music Foundation believes that music participation is an essential element in the fabric of an enduring society. The organization aims to keep music education alive and available in our nation’s schools and communities. Founded in 2005, this public charity has reached over 300,000 people through its grants of instruments to music education programs. These grant recipients, which give more people the opportunity to make music, include school music classrooms and community-based organizations.

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  • J.M.H. Productions

    J.M.H. Productions, L.L.C.

    J.M.H. Productions is a Seattle-based concert touring production company that manages Experience Hendrix Tour.

  • Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. Authentic Hendrix, LLC

    Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and Authentic Hendrix, LLC

    Founded by James “Al” Hendrix, and owned and operated by the family of Jimi Hendrix, Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and its wholly owned subsidiary Authentic Hendrix, LLC, exclusively oversee & manage the legendary artist’s internationally recognized copyrights, trademarks and servicemarks. Through their administration of his recordings, music, name, likeness, and image, the family continues to license and produce innovative products and services that closely mirror Jimi’s own unique creative vision.

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